Nintendo: 3DS XL screen anti-glare better, better 3D effects

Nintendo: 3DS XL screen anti-glare better, better 3D effects

One of the glass layer of the screen 3DS XL
large screen size is a highlight of the Nintendo 3DS XL. However, in a recent interview, Takashi Murakami engineers from the mechanical design team of Nintendo has revealed that the 3DS screen XL has better anti-glare capability. According to Murakami, the three layers of glass of the new LCD screen has been designed to reduce reflectivity from 12% in the first generation 3DS to 3% on 3DS XL. Satoru Iwata Director of the firm, said anti-glare screen has started receiving attention from the GameBoy Advanced Nintendo but then canceled because of high prices. But now the development of anti-glare capability was easier because the progress of science and technology.

In the FAQ, Nintendo's engineers have confirmed that the 3D effect on 3DS XL is more advanced due to the improved parallax barrier layer. Thus, the picture will emerge and users will feel more clear about objects in the game. Thanh customize the depth of 3D images is also wider, gamers can adjust the effect level to suit personal preferences. Director Iwata added that games like Mario Kart and Kid Icarus 7: Uprising will be a distinct difference when playing on 3DS 3DS XL compared to the previous line.

According to Nintendo


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