Nao Robot knows the spiral stairs

Nao Robot knows the spiral stairs
The scientists of the University of Freiburg (Germany) has successfully demonstrated a robot that could escalate, especially the spiral staircase, which are very common in the works today. The robot, called Nao and the shape of humans, it can escalate quite accurate, but still very slow speed climbing.   To be able to climb stairs, twisted on top of Nao is equipped with a laser scanner used to determine the current position of the robot at each rung, then Nao stairs that will render the 3D model form, the with said laser light from which can escalate correctly. When the spiral of stairs, it turned around for carefully aligned with the ladder at that location and then go ahead. Nao is the downside of its climbing speed is too slow, for every step climb is successful, it must take at least three images of the next level, the new "dare" the next step (left angle, right angles and current position of the robot). Perhaps our perspective on the bed in the morning on the 2nd floor and wait for food robot offers light up not far off.     According to Engadget ...


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