[Leaks] Tablet Nook will have major improvements on the screen, debuting in the fall

[Leaks] Tablet Nook will have major improvements on the screen, debuting in the fall

After heating market with cheap tablet form Nexus 7, we have continuously been hearing more rumors related models have to be its rival as Fire iPad Mini and Kindle 2. Most recently, another potential candidate in this segment can also occur when CNET quoted a reliable source said the Nook Nook Color Tablet II will be released early autumn (September or October ) with the major improvement on the screen.

A source revealed, Nook Tablet II is based on the Android platform will not Windows 8 as expected. 7'' screen is compact and has also been popular hands on new models of B & N, but Nook Tablet II will be lighter than its predecessor. News does not specify the type of display technology is nothing new, but said it is a product of Barnet & Nooble development and it will not touch any of the other competitors in the market. It is unclear if this new technology with the thickness of the device are reduced or not.

Nook Tablet II is expected to connect to the strength of the hybrid tablet PC when reading message manufacturers have invested in improving the reader's experience. Besides, this tablet will be adding entertainment features such as multimedia video and music stores, the factors which the missing Nook Tablet. This was as predictable as in the Nexus 7 users can buy music or videos on Google Play, music and movies in stock from Amazon provide a good address for service for customers buying Kindle Fire. About proficiency for that, so can the multimedia application will be expanded Xbox Live that Microsoft has developed since the two companies recently engaged in very close cooperation.

It is not clear structure hardware details on the Nook Tablet II is equivalent to the Nexus 7 or leakage configuration or crabs Kindle Fire 2. Price of this product is still a mystery, but analysts also identified it ranged between 200 USD to be able to compete with rivals in the same segment.
Source: CNET



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