Leaking Windows 8 RTM image: bootscreen, new wallpaper, colored by IE10 Desktop Interface

Leaking Windows 8 RTM image: bootscreen, new wallpaper, colored by IE10 Desktop Interface

Windows Version 8 for the hardware manufacturers, developers (called the Windows 8 Release to Manufacturing - RTM) launched next month. Now, some of it leaked image appeared on the board of the page WinUnleaked.info and revealed to us that some changes may appear on the official Windows 8. They include a logo boot screen with the blue Metro-style (in the current Preview Release is just a word Windows), a new menu for choosing the color of the desktop interface and add some new wallpaper. Internet Explorer 10 will also change depending on the theme that users select for Windows. Sleek Aero Glass interface has disappeared, just as Microsoft has announced. Invite you to see through the images on Windows 8 RTM.

At the Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft held on Monday over in Toronto, Canada, its chief financial officer, Tami Reller, has officially confirmed the Windows 8 will be entered doanRTM (Release to manufacturing) in the first week of August and two months later it will sell out commercial version of this operating system. Windows 8 RTM can understand and sell official version not much different, but the Microsoft Windows 8 RTM released to hardware manufacturers before they have time to help put this OS on the device new development as well as timely patch packages or add any features to Windows 8 is officially sold out. See more in Windows 8 RTM article will appear in August.

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According WinUleaked.info


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