Honda Vietnam launches a completely new SH, fuel consumption reduced by 25%, from 66 million price

Honda Vietnam launches a completely new SH, fuel consumption reduced by 25%, from 66 million price

Keep promises, today Honda Vietnam (HVN) has officially introduced its high-end scooters completely new SH. Similar to the information and images from previous leaks, SH completely renovated in design with many differences. In addition, its performance is also improved fuel consumption at less than 25% over the previous generation. In particular, the localization rate of up to 93% should only purchase price from 65,990,000 VND to 79,990,000 VND for the 125i and the 150I.

Compared to previous generation , the new SH differ completely with many changes in design. Specifically, the familiar grille has been removed and replaced by shiny chrome strip with seamless navigation as well as headlights lamp. The reason grille no longer appear on the mask is moved by HVN it down near the engine. In addition, positioning of the vehicle lights also longer, more slender and using LED technology rather than halogen bulbs as before. The body is also more prominent with a 3D tendon runs along the rear.

That is to say, tail is most common with the old SH by the handle and tail lights almost remained be retained, modified only slightly for sharper only. In addition, a new addition may be mentioned as cluster centers clock, exhaust, five-spoke alloy dual 80mm lower seat.

The most worthwhile upgrade on SH 2012 is the engine with low fuel consumption and 25% more than previous generations. Yes this is because Honda has equipped ESP technology (enhanced Smart Power) helps to reduce friction and better fuel combustion. SH still has two engine options, including 125cc and 150cc, 4-stroke single cylinder with electronic fuel injection system PGM-FI and liquid cooling. Reportedly, the system temporarily disconnect the engine idling Stop HVN also be integrated into new models help increase fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly. Specifically, the system will automatically disconnect the engine when the car stopped more than 3 seconds and restart as soon as the driver to turn the station. In addition, Combi Brake and brake combination against the foot switch is also equipped to enhance safety for users.

Finally, Honda said the new SH has five colors including red, black, white, gray, brown, with a suggested retail price is VND 65,990,000 and 79,990,000 for the same for the 125i 150I. Time of sale is on July 29 next.


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