Google bought Sparrow, Gmail application on IOS will be improved

Google bought Sparrow, Gmail application on IOS will be improved

Google has announced the acquisition of Sparrow Mail application, an email management independent runs on IOS and MAC OS. The official website of Sparrow also reaffirmed this by updating information on your home page. LECA founder Dominique said the development team will join Google's team aims to improve Gmail application on mobile devices running IOS. Acquisition between the two parties have an estimated value of less than $ 25 million

It seems Gmail application on IOS application could not operate as a stable platform Android. Therefore, the acquisition Sparrow gives Google the opportunity to improve Gmail application on the IOS. About the fate of current software Sparrow team of software developers stop supporting statement for the next version. LECA founder Dominique said the group will continue to distribute applications to users and support them during use. But Dominique LECA will not commit to making the new version of the Sparrow by this group will be busy with the new development plan from Google.

Sparrow is an application which runs on OS X However, it has been developing a version of IOS on May 3/2012 for $ 2.99 USD. Manager e-mail is particularly good compatibility with Gmail accounts, support intuitive interface, faster operation speed and work with many different email accounts. 5 members of Sparrow has developed his Vietnamese Dinh Hoa, a Vietnamese living in France. He is co-founder along with project CEO Dominique LECA Sparrow. Information about Google's acquisition application has also been updated Sparrow on Twitter Hoa.

Source: TheVerge, Sparrow



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