Genomics X Prize - Competition genetic decoding of the people aged 100

Genomics X Prize - Competition genetic decoding of the people aged 100
Recently, a team of researchers in the United States have announced they will be the first candidate to compete in the framework of competition genetic decoding the mystery of who lived to 100 years to win the prize Genomics X Prize $ 10 million. Geneticist Dr. Jonathan Rothberg and his team from Life Technologies Corp., based in California will enter the challenge to identify genes related to the ability to live long and healthy people. Jonathan's team as well as all the individuals / organizations participate in the competition will have 30 days to work with the complete genetic code of DNA of 100 people aged 100 and each genome will cost about 1000 USD. The competition will begin in September 2013 and under the laws of the Archon Genomics X Prize, the deadline to register for this event is in May next year. Genomics X Prize was first held in 2006 from collaborative effort between the X Prize fund (a non-profit organization that organizes community competitions to encourage development of technologies useful to humans ) and the legendary geneticist J. Craig Venter - Venter Science founders. The competition is seen as a milestone to assess the availability of DNA technology on drugs, help in the diagnosis and the manufacture of medicines suitable to chart a patient's genetic. One hundred people aged 100 who volunteered for the project given DNA. Scientists believe that those who lived to 100 years old will have the rare changes in certain of their genes, thereby helping to fight diseases common in old age such as heart disease or cancer. If these genes can be identified by analyzing the DNA code of people living longer, it will help scientists search for new medical therapies and how to prolong life. However, many will need DNA samples to ensure the accuracy when determining the rate of change over a few letters between the 3 billion genetic letters in a person's genome. Dr. Jonathan Rothberg said the DNA of 100 people aged 100 is a good starting point to find the "source of youth." Speaking to BBC News, he said: "One hundred people will give you a hint. One thousand will make you stronger. One thousand will make you say, 'Hey, these are genes related to cancer and cardiovascular disease '. " Information about the competition was announced just four days after Stanford University and the Venter Institute scientists published the complete computer model of a first type of bacteria causing the infection through sexual contact. By: the verge


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