Details touch interface, accessories and photo / video sample of Canon EOS-M

Details touch interface, accessories and photo / video sample of Canon EOS-M

Yesterday, Canon officially announced mirrorless camera digital their first known as EOS-M. The machine has a touch screen to help users control the device easier wheel beside the usual parameters. In addition to using a restraint is completely new lens EF-M, Canon has provided adapter fittings to convert customers to take advantage of the lens the EF, EF-S go without missing a feature. EOS-M does not have built-in flash, instead, included Canon Speedlight flash 90EX left. Invite you to watch videos on your hands DigitalCameraWorld page to learn more about the touch interface of the EOS-M as well as knowing the above-mentioned operating accessories like. Canon has also published the photo and video samples from the EOS-M. You can see here.

Also related to the EOS-M, Canon Japan has revealed more information about the reference price of accessories mirrorless cameras, the however they may vary depending on the market and shops. Specifically as follows:

90EX Speedlite flash: about $ 90
270EX II Flash: $ 200
Remote RC-6: about $ 25
Wire Wrist ER-E1/day neck EM-E1: around $ 30
EG23-CJ The outer shell: about 45 USD
Video on EOS-M hands of DigitalCameraWorld

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According to YouTube, SlashGear

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