BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9790 and 9360 distribution in Vietnam is updated BlackBerry OS 7.1

BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9790 and 9360 distribution in Vietnam is updated BlackBerry OS 7.1

RIM has officially announced the official update BlackBerry OS 7.1 for BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9790 and 9360 be sold came to market in Vietnam. This new operating system features integrated Tag BlackBerry BlackBerry allows users to share information with each other through communication and NFC just by touching the two devices. BlackBerry OS 7.1 Mobile Hotspot additional features help to use 3G wireless broadcasting, providing Internet connection for other devices. Individual users can add functionality Curve 9360 FM Radio. Now users can upgrade to BlackBerry OS 7.1 by visiting the website / update or BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

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The latest version of the BlackBerry 7.1 operating system for customers using BlackBerry ® Bold ™ 9900, BlackBerry ® Bold ™ and BlackBerry ® Curve 9790 ™ 9360 has just been released in Vietnam. With BlackBerry OS 7.1, the discovery of new things, keep in touch your friends as well as perform real-time interaction easier than ever.

Operating System BlackBerry 7.1 integrates new features complete BlackBerry ® called Tag to help change the way BlackBerry users to share information and content. By tapping two BlackBerry phones have enabled access to school communication (NFC) users can share information faster than ever. This way we can invite friends on BBM (BlackBerry ® Messenger), exchange contacts, information, documents, URLSs, images, applications and other multimedia content through devices have enabled Bluetooth and communication activities to reach the (NFC).

With BlackBerry OS 7.1, users can work effectively anywhere, we can convert the electrical BlackBerry smartphone into a mobile Internet access point and can be shared up to 5 Wi-Fi devices, including laptops and tablet PCs. Also when updating OS BlackBerry OS 7.1 for BlackBerry Curve 9360 mobile phones, users can enjoy your favorite radio station without having to pay any service charges.
< br /> Users can download and upgrade to new OS 7.1 for BlackBerry phones BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9360 visit by / update or use Software BlackBerry ® Desktop Manager.

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