ARM with TSMC began developing 64-bit chip

ARM with TSMC began developing 64-bit chip

2 microprocessor maker ARM and TSMC has recently signed a contract to develop generation 64-bit processor thereby paving the way for devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and servers even exploit superior performance compared to x86 chips. The agreement was signed based on the agreement produced 20 nm chip production line for many years between ARM and TSMC. ARM will optimize the structure and Artisan IP ARMv8 with FinFET technology of TSMC to quickly bring new products to market.

64-bit processor is ARM's next move to invade enter a market which has long been Intel and AMD "governance" with x86 processors. Although the ARM chip platform using currently dominated on the phone and tablet PCs to save energy due to hold a balance between battery life and the need to use both on the user's preparations for the 64-bit products will allow the company to expand into the corporate segment and the server.

"64-bit architecture has been specifically designed to exploit the energy efficiency," ARM said. "Similarly, the elements of memory and high performance 64-bit is really necessary to cater to the corporate computer systems and network infrastructure, which is a core component of the mobile market and cloud. "

Meanwhile," the ability to mass production integrated SoC products for semiconductor processing technology and advanced FinFET process "of TSMC will help products sold earlier and use less energy.

Currently, Dell and HP have already unveiled plans server chip using ARM and 64-bit product line ARM will be promoted as the official Windows RT debut on May 10. Samsung and other manufacturers are expected to release tablets RT Windows platform using ARM processors, including Microsoft Surface table computer.

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