ARM and TSMC co-produced processors for mobile devices and server systems

ARM and TSMC co-produced processors for mobile devices and server systems
Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMCS) has announced that they have achieved long-term cooperation agreement to work together to produce the processor low power consumption for use in mobile devices and server system. Under this agreement, both parties will together focus on the technical issues and take advantage of technology partners to launch the new generation of advanced chips and production capacity of the system.   TSMC currently owns FinFET technology with technical characteristics similar to the architecture Tri-Gate transistors that Intel is using to produce chips Ivy Bridge 22nm platform, but the company's designer and manufacturer in Taiwan U.S. export basic difference in the arrangement of the Dual-Gate. Both technologies are rivals in the last ten years developed based 3D transistors. However, TSMC has been slow as Intel is the first to integrate the technology into commercial products. Thus, through a new alliance with ARM, TSMC is clearly hoping to catch up rivals in the market.   According to Cliff Hou vice president of TSMC, the agreement with ARM will optimize the performance of FinFET platform with 64 bit microprocessor physical IP system that the company is headquartered in Cambridge development. Both parties believe the market will soon chip 64-bit generation is ideal for high performance, low power consumption and towards the server market server, and on the strength of the ARM mobile devices.   According to analysts, working with outsourcing companies the world's largest semiconductor ARM will significantly enhance the ability to compete with rival Intel in the microprocessor market, especially the effect processor high that Intel is leading the way. At the same time it will help ARM expand its dominance in the realm of processors consume less power which has helped ARM 90% market share of mobile devices.   Source: TechspotAnh: Androidauthority


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