nVIDIA Quadro video card introduction K5000 for Mac Mac Pro, priced at about $ 2249

nVIDIA Quadro video card introduction K5000 for Mac Mac Pro, priced at about $ 2249
Renowned graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has launched advanced product line and its strongest for Apple Mac Pro: Quadro K5000 for Mac. Built on the Kepler architecture, nVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac supports up to 4096x2160 resolution, four times higher than standard 1080p. Besides, it also supports output to 4 monitors at once. To do this, nVIDIA Quadro equipped K5000 4GB of GDDR5 graphics memory with 1536 CUDA cores to calculate a total capacity of up to 2.1 Teraflop.   According to Nvidia, Quadro K5000 for Mac is able to run content creation applications two times faster and more power saving compared to the Quadro 4000 for Mac (based on the Fermi architecture) its previous. On the subject of users, the company said Quadro K5000 for Mac is ideal for professional graphics applications such as video editing, color correction, design and render 3D images ... In addition, the video card has the ability to use Boot Camp to run Windows without any loss of performance, this is especially important when your job applications running on Windows.   The basic parameters of the Quadro K5000 for Mac: Number of CUDA: 1536 Architecture: Kepler Computing power: 2.1 Teraflop Memory: 4GB GDDR5 Interface: 256-bit Memory bandwidth: 173 GB / sec Connectivity: 2 x 2-port DVI-DL and DisplayPort 1.2. Supports 4096x2160 resolution (Cinema 4K), can be exported to four screens simultaneously 2 Quadro video card support K5000 on one single Mac Pro Support for OpenGL, OpenCL, DirectX 11, nVIDIA CUDA Total circuit power: 122 W Selling point: the end of the year Price: $ 2,249 (estimated) Pictures Quadro K5000 for Mac:  Source: nVIDIA (1), (2) ...


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