Microsoft refer to the user's requirements on WP7.8

Microsoft refer to the user's requirements on WP7.8
... How about you, what you would like to feature? In parallel with the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft still want the maximum support for the current Windows Phone 7.x users with the announcement of the update 7.8. However, the only thing that we know about this update is that it will have the same interface WP8. Also, what new features will appear still in the mysterious veil. In response to the expectations of the users, new members @ Mobile Guru of WP development department has put a topic on the page User Voice to receive suggestions for desired features in WP7.8.   He said: "As you know, Windows Phone 8 is a major change in technology and this means it will not be able to run on the existing hardware.   However, we are particularly interested in the current user and would like to know specifically what features you want on WP7.8 and go from YOUR votes for a feature that you most desire. "   Feedback on suggestions, users create their own threads required features like screen capture, IE10 browser, mobile data management tools Data Smart, package tool Office 2013 office, payment services in the application (in-app purchase) and a host of other features do not depend on the hardware so people can vote and additional priority.   This is good news because Microsoft is opening the door for users to suggest features you need on WP7.8 but also the bad news because most likely we have to wait a while longer to be able to experience the update version Update "comfort".   In the meantime, you'll start with a vote for your favorite features here. Certainly none of us are also interested in percussion and English on WP7.8 interface.   By: WMPowerUser ...


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