President of NVIDIA's mobile chip termination

President of NVIDIA's mobile chip termination
Mike Rayfield introduced a phone with Tegra chips Last week, nVIDIA has reported that president of processor chips for its mobile devices that he Mike Rayfield has resigned and officially ended tasks in this group. Email off the of official Mike effect from 24/8, ie 3 weeks nVIDIA officially confirmed this. Now they have yet to say anything more about his upcoming work Mike Rayfield well as the people will hold the position instead of him.   Mike Rayfield is president of Nvidia's mobile chips, he served from 2005 until the end of last August. Known, before quitting, he was the monitoring and management of the group's Tegra platform, so the departure of Mike JoAnne Feeney, an analyst at Longbow Research commented that "The loss great for them "and" by Mike Rayfield is the strategic direction for the cell array chip nVIDIA ".   Hector Martínez, nVIDIA's spokesman said the Tegra platform already outlined the roadmap development (long-term) is very stable, and are supported by a team of staff 3000 people, so the departure of Mike Rayfield will not affect the company. "We will always remember Mike and wish he would fulfill the new job," said Martínez.   Sources Wall Street Journal ...


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