Yahoo CEO give each of its employees a smartphone

Yahoo CEO give each of its employees a smartphone
The biggest task of the new chief executive Marissa Mayer as to how to turn the Yahoo ship is in danger of sinking, after a long period of inefficient business. To do that, one of the key factors is to shock the morale of the staff in the company. So, when he took office, Marissa said she intends to give Yahoo employees each a mobile device, and it seems Marissa plans made official.   Information from Business Insider know Marissa CEO sent an e-mail to all full-time employees and part-time by Yahoo in the U.S., which promised to give each of them a new smart phone. According to sources, the employees have the right to choose products from the brand Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC, specifically includes models such as the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, HTC One X, HTC Evo 4G LTE and Lumia 920 . Not hard for us to name the devices such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III of the products most likely to be selected. In addition, there is information that Yahoo may terminate IT support for BlackBerry phones in the company.   Marissa's purpose is not only the subordinate motivation, "we want its employees to use the same device as Yahoo service users, so that we can think and act like the majority of customers. " Yahoo also set a name for the phone donation program, is "Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun". Internal sources said "the staff is very excited" after receiving a letter from Marissa. Encourage employees to work of Yahoo very good, when it also paid the phone bills for employees. Cost for this program is expected to several million dollars, which is very small if compared to the billions of dollars in revenue each year of Yahoo.   Source: Business Insider ...


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