[The hand] - The camera Fujifilm X-F1 is worth

[The hand] - The camera Fujifilm X-F1 is worth
So on 17/09/2012 received one new member of the family Fujifilm X-series, X-F1 camera. Beside him his X-S1 super zoom, characteristic tiger back shoulders bears, 4 "dissipated" X10, X100, X-pro1, X-E1, X-F1 brings her first appearance shy girl but without losing the characteristics of the X-series: Made of high quality materials Beautiful Design Towards better image quality Press release about XF1 you can see in the attachments in the article or in the article Fujifilm Vietnam launches fashion line camera XF1     Here, our main character:   The machine I'm holding is one of the testing machine so you will see one strange thing is that there are two different color. This is the second in three color adjustment that Fuji will equip the X-F1, including black, brown, and dark red. All 3 very chic, go with aluminum design of the top of the camera and lens that I really admired and love at first sight. This design is very similar to one well-known models rather of Fujifilm ago, the Natura Classica N       2nd point that I like in X-F1 is surprisingly compact size. I can give X-f1 shirt pocket as 1 normal phone     So in addition to two strengths in design, attractive what X-F1 again?   One of the main technical parameters of X-F1:   12 megapixel 2/3 "EXR-CMOS sensor with EXR-Auto function Mechanical 4x Fujinon zoom lens (equivalent to 25-100mm) A very large aperture: F1.8 (Wide) - F4.9 (telephoto) Optical stabilization The arms control regime LCD color -inch/460K Motion Panorama 360 mode The Artistic effects with 11 preset modes "Advanced filters" and 5 mode emulates the color film fuji familiarity plastic. 3D photography. So Fujifilm X-F1 sensor photos big as X10 brother, and the same user-oriented like Sony Cybershot RX100. And when placed in parallel with each other 2 friends, we have:     X-F1 slightly longer, but thinner. Both two pocket easily. Flashes are similar to each other. What makes X-F1 lens cleaner is the indented under the market mechanism which is very famous in the restrained Leica M39 lens (you can refer to the keyword Leica Collapsible lens).     And here's how it works lens market indent on X-F1.       Manual zoom mechanism is 1 point really great in X-F1, photography and filming experience more accurately than the RX100 and other electronic appliances zoom. Unfortunately, X-F1-offs small aperture at telephoto range for 1 piece de instead of keeping large aperture is f/2.8 as in X10.       In addition, Fujifilm has equipped Expanded mode function to better explain the features of the machine directly on the LCD screen.   Together with the X-F1 will be attractive fashion accessories, such as carrying leather colors and luxurious, ...   Unfortunately, Fujifilm not allow test shots with my X-F1 and the machine holding today is not complete. more detailed information about the interface, the image quality will be shared in one specific articles to come.   Selling price of the product has not been assigned specific, but probably will not lower the prices of the current X10. Attachments: 2012FujiXFmount-4480.jpg File size: 117.5 KB Views: 0 Notice XF1.pdf File size: 154.4 KB Views: 8 ...


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