To read the review about the iPhone 5? Please (English)

To read the review about the iPhone 5? Please (English)
The big fellow technology websites posted the review iPhone 5 today. They have been providing iPhone for almost one week now and it looks like today is the day that they are entitled to post a review. There are a lot of comments, reviews, shared ... course in English. I would like to sum up some information and to link to 12 pages. You want to know then read offline. Hope Essence iPhone 5 soon and share with you more.   Engadget: Improved ... The iPhone 5 which is the startup speed camera, growing much faster than its predecessor the iPhone 4S, even this speed can be compared to the Galaxy Nexus, which is a phone very fast launch speed camera. Read more ... CNET: iPhone 5 is the iPhone that we want to get from 2010 with a bigger screen, high-speed 4G LTE connectivity and razor-thin design. Read more ... The Loop: If I had to mention one drawback of the new iPhone, it is the old application has not been updated to run on the big screen. Read more ... All Things Digital: I see the screen 4 "iPhone 5's easy to hold and easy to handle than other competitors. According to my opinion, Apple has made the iPhone 5 is much more convenient, even when used by a hand. Read more ... SlashGear: The combination of advanced materials with rigid crust makes the user does not feel cheap when holding the iPhone 5. Read more ... Pocket Lint: It is still the iPhone, but is completely different, especially in design. That's something you will not feature until the end handles and experience it. Read more ... USA Today: We often expect more upgrades on the iPhone 5, especially when other companies are competing fairly drastic hardware configuration. With the presence of high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, Apple has met the hopes of the user. Read more ... The Guardian: iPhone 5 handset is not broke many records, not the big screen, not the thinnest phone, nor does it have many functions top. But, only those who really follow it out and use, the most important thing is not to break the record that was the experience that it gives users. Read more ... TechCrunch: I truly believe that the iPhone 5 is the most worthwhile upgrade version from Apple so far (like from iPhone to iPhone 3G, 3GS to the iPhone 4). So far, it is the iPhone version of the best ever. Read more ... WSJ: When using the iPhone on Verizon's LTE network in Silicon Valley and Washington DC, I get download speeds of up to 26MB / s and upload is 13Mb / s (equivalent to 3.3 MB / s and 1.7 MB / s) with speeds donwload a maximum of 42Mbps. This speeds 10 times faster than when I use the iPhone 4S on the Verizon network (3G) and faster than most home Internet network in the United States.   IPhone 5 battery use is 9-12 hours a day for various purposes. For most casual users, it can operate for 1 day without charging. Read more ... CBC News: Apple says the new dual-core A6 chip twice more powerful iPhone 5 with A5 chip. The results from the actual benchmark shows that it is completely true. iPhone 5 iPhone 4S faster on every test, from calculations for the 3D rendering, in some cases twice as fast. Read more ... Telegraph From the start, open the application, take pictures ... or everything else runs very fast on the iPhone 5. When benchmark with Geekbench shows the iPhone 5 not only faster 4S but also faster than the Galaxy S3. Read more ...


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