Andy Rubin: Aliyun based on Android, distribute pirated applications and take advantage of Android's success

Andy Rubin: Aliyun based on Android, distribute pirated applications and take advantage of Android's success
Not long after Google have feedback first Acer, Alibaba and platform Aliyun, today Andy Rubin has said frankly on this issue as a vice president in charge of the company's Android. Andy said Aliyun not only based on Android, the platform will also help disseminate pirated apps on Android. He also stressed: Alibaba do not count on the support from the Open Source Alliance (OHA), if its not compatible with mainstream operating system Android.   "We agree that OS Aliyun not part of the Android ecosystem, and therefore not subject to the specified constraints of compatibility," said Andy. "However, the truth is Aliyun using the Android framework and tools, and their application of it's sells several Android software (including software illegally Android). Therefore, nothing unreasonable said Aliyun is based on Android, and taking advantage of the fruits of investment in the development of the other members of the OHA. "   In an article on the blog of Android, Andy describes the ecosystem of the OHA is "circle a constructive". There, everything is going on "in a feedback loop, and the next iteration will consolidate and improve on previous iterations." Andy understand basically means that the members of the OHA to join hands to build a better version of Android, for all to benefit, and Google leaders pointed out that the platform Aliyun not contribute in the on evolution.   "If you want to benefit from the Android ecosystem, he must decide whether to accept them or not. This is easy, and completely voluntary, we'll even help you," Andy concluded . "However, if he does not want to comply with the general provisions, do not expect any help from the other members of the OHA - the company is trying to build a unified Android ecosystem."   Alibaba also have feedback on Andy's comments, when Jon Spelich - an executive of the company, told CNET that Google only are speculating about Aliyun, and said his background is very different: Aliyun is an open source operating system. At the same time, it is an open ecosystem, in allowing people to sites that support mobile version of the cloud. From there, the user can use Aliyun phone to access these sites. As such, we are an open ecosystem, including Internet companies, while Android is not so, it merely provides for users to download applications. The crux of the problem lies in the background debate between a cloud and the other is the application. The cloud always open, in the system when the application is closed, because it is controlled by the application. Can be generalized as follows: two ecosystem to compete with each other, a cloud-based fully open, the other closed, and limited users can only see a certain number of applications. A new war seems to have started with Google in China, one of the world's largest mobile market.   Source: SlashGear ...


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