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Submitted 2011-03-10 02:34:51 A very short time ago we were writing articles about 3G networks and features of 3G. Of course where there is a 3G, emergence of 4G is inevitable. Verizon, the GSM network in the United States with largest coverage, has introduced 4G LTE network, a very short time ago. To be able to benefit from this network you have got to have a mobile phone or a smart phone that is capable of using 4G technology. Therefore Verizon is now providing its subscribers with the latest generation phones that have got 4G capabilities.

We always thought and wrote that 3G was very fast and effective. 4G is way faster. With this new technology you can send and receive photos in seconds and large video files in minutes. Video conferencing is like a dream come true. No stalling, no freezing, no waiting… So here is the joke of the year: 4G is the new 3G. No, we didn't laugh either when we heard the joke for the first time. However after we saw the wonders of 4G we didn't have a heart to laugh. LTE in Verizon's 4G services corresponds to the first letters of Long Term Evolution unlike what we thought about it when we first heard it. We thought it was an abbreviation for "LITE." 4G LTE is anything but light. We can easily say that it is heavy, really heavy in terms of technological advancement. You may ask, "How heavy?" How about ten times? Yes, 4G LTE is 10 times faster than 3G with reduced lag times and buffering. When you talk about real time, 4G LTE is the closest thing to real time in the history of wireless video conferencing.

Verizon is also supplying its customers with iPhone latest model, iPhone4. The iPhone4 model is the phone that came after 3 years of experience, reviews, and criticisms. So it has all the deficiencies and lacks of its predecessors filled. This phone is one of the smartest phones around. It also has a lot of accessories. A phone with a lot of accessories means many gift alternatives for those who use it.

You can find all the necessary accessories for this new generation iPhone with amazing prices at There are cases for iPhones suitable for every taste and also other useful gadgets like screen protectors, chargers that can charge your phone in the car or in different places, USB cables for connection to pc's and Mac's, headsets, headphones, blue tooth accessories and so on. Verizon does not only offer iPhones and of course does not offer accessories for iPhones only. You can find any accessory for any modern phone model at this site.

So if you want to buy a present to a loved one who has a smart phone or you want to add different accessories to your own arsenal you can connect to and start shopping right away. You will be very surprised like us to find the large extent of their product range and would find it very difficult to choose from their accessories.

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