LG Optimus Black Has the Brightest Phone Screen on Offer

The LG Optimus Black is the latest phone to be coming from the LG range, which has seen the launch of a number of new models both in the tablet PC segment and in the mobile phone industry of late. However, the LG Optimus Black is certainly going to be a special product for LG given that it will be bringing the best possible options to your palm. The best option amongst the LG Optimus Black has to be the presence of a dual core processor. Even though this is a processor that has also been seen in the LG Optimus 2X, the appearance of the processor in this phone is going to be special given the huge amount of features that it has that will go along with it.

The LG Optimus Black will also be using a 4 inch display that is a massive improvement from the display of the other LG models given the fact that it will be using the latest NOVA technology. This is a technology that has been developed by LG. It will be bringing the likes of the Samsung and Apple closer in order to make a new technology that will be matching up to this new technology from LG. The main difference between the NOVA technology and this other technologies that are currently being used in other mobile phones has to be the efficiency aspect. Even though the colour reproduction levels and the brightness levels have not been affected due to the shift into this technology, the efficiency has been improved massively. The result is that you will be getting extraordinary talk times from the phone, despite the fact that it will be using a battery that will be measuring just 1500 mAh in terms of rating.

This is a rating that is not are found in many high end smartphones, but even then, it would be daft to think of anything near the nine hour mark from a phone that has so many features like the LG Optimus Black. The LG Optimus Black will also be having a powerful camera that is rated at five megapixels. This camera is going to be introducing the world of the HD video recording option into the LG phones in the best possible way. Even though it has already been present in a number of LG phones, the LG Optimus Black is probably the one phone that will be bringing the best video recording option since the various will be recorded at a favourite of 30 frames per second, which is the amount of interest that is being used by the television sets of today.

The LG Optimus Black will be using the Android 2.2 operating system. Once it reaches the hands of the users, it is expected to receive the update to the 2.3 version of Android. The LG Optimus Black will be launched in the United Kingdom shortly and T-Mobile have recently revealed that it will be costing just £ 25 per month to own this phone under their contract.

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