iPhone4 The Future of Smartphone Technology

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iPhone is the most sought after and long awaited product from the house of Apple products. One after the other, after years of culmination, Apple has come up with a masterpiece. The iPhone is the first of new gen mobile phones, running on Apple's OS X operating system and touch screen. The latest firepower to the iPhone product cannon is iPhone4!

iPhone4 has improved features and the latest iterations, enhancing a series of important elements such as display, camera with auto flash, dual-microphone, larger battery (longer battery life) with multi-tasking etc. If we take a closer look at its body work, iPhone 4 is a lot different from 3GS. It's 24% thinner making it only 9.33mm thick. The new 'Retina Display', has 4 times the pixel density compared to its previous model.

iPhone4 has A4 processor, the same processor used in iPad. The big battery combined with super-efficient A4 processor, gives you 7 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 40 hours of music and 300 hours of standby time. The 3 axis Gyroscope along with 6-axis motion-sensing provides far more accurate motion-sensing to developers.

The camera feature has been immensely improved from the last model to 5MP. iPhone4 offers high-definition recording at 720p video at 30 frames per second plus an additional tap-to-focus facility is also inculcated to the video mode. Another marked improvement is the FaceTime app. Apple with this application is trying to introduce VoIP standard for video calls (Limited to iPhone4 users).

Since it was released in the market in June 2010, the market for iPhone4 has developed into a big one. Apple sold over 600,000 phones on pre-order in a single day. The brand loyalty for Apple came into play and was clearly reflected by the figures. 77% buyers were upgrading from ad older iPhone, which is an increase of over 40% since 2008. 16% switched to AT&T as carriers and 54% went for the larger 32GB model. An estimation of 1-1.5 million iPhone4 sales was made for the first 3 days.

If we take a sneak peek into iPhone4's software, especially iOS4, we'd see a marked difference from the 3GS version as well as others in the market like Android. The iPhone4 hardware coupled with new features of iOS4 elevates the iPhone game considerably. With over 2.5 million applications to choose from iPhone4 definitely has an edge over it predecessors. Multi-tasking functionality which the iPhone users were asking for since the first iPhone has also been embedded in it. This allows them to keep track of other activities and work on others at the same time.

Apple's philosophy is to make the best products in the world. They are one of the very few mobile manufacturers in the market that make excellent hardware and couple in with extremely efficient software to give the optimum combo. Apple with their latest addition to mobile family, iPhone4, with its outstanding hardware features and iOS4, will continue to set the standard in the Smartphone world.

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