How to receive free gadgets sent right to your doorstep!

Many internet advertisements promise free gadgets such as an iPod, iPhone or Xbox 360 for signing up to their site and completing the requirements. However, many of these are online scams and I advise everyone to be alert at all times.
Although there are many scam sites that offer such things online, there are also some legitimate sites that are running a real business here.

Here are a few good ways to see if the freebie site is a scam or is the real deal.
1. Check on google for reviews on the site. Do take note that sometimes people write a bad review on a legitimate site before even trying it out as they just do not believe in such things.
2. Check google for other websites promoting the freebie sites. Chances are the freebie site is real as people spend real time and money to construct the site.
3. Most of the websites promoting the freebie sites will have a "proof" section. Take a look at the pictures of the gifts received by the members of the freebie site and you may be convinced!

Just follow these simple steps and you can tell if the site is legitimate or just another online scam.

So how do these sites actually make money giving away free gadgets? The answer is simple. For a user to receive his free gift, he most likely has to complete a offer and refer his friends to complete their own offer for them to count as a valid referral.
For every completed offer, the freebie site gets a certain amount of cash from the advertising company. They then proceed on to buy you your free gadgets based on how many referrals the certain product requires and keeps the leftover cash for themselves as profit.

Its really that simple! All you have to do is sign up, complete an offer and refer your friends to do the same! How hard can it get? P.S. Please do not attempt to cheat the system by creating another account. If you create another account and refer yourself, you WILL get banned.

I myself have received numerous free gadgets online and have found that there are more than one legitimate site. In fact, this niche is a very competitive niche. So how did I find out about these sites? Simple, I was searching the net for a bargain to buy a new iPod touch
one day as my old one spoilt. I stumbled across an advertisement that offered free gadgets on a forum and was hesistant about it at first. But I decided to try it out as I figured I had nothing to lose. Sure enough, I indeed received my free gadget when i completed all the requirements
for it and here I am now, telling everyone my little story.

So in short, do not miss out on this excellent oppurtunity and grab yourselves some free gadgets today! Remember to use all the tips I gave you on how to find legitimate sites and start on your conquest for these awesome freebies!

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