Kaspar, the friendly robot comes to the aid of autistic kids

In the wake of an apparent rise in autism cases amongst kids, scientists have designed a child friendly robot, given the name Kaspar. The hi-tech invention is created in London, with autistic kids in focus.
Autism is a mental condition which hinders a child's normal interaction with others. The condition makes normal communication difficult and hampers building normal relationships as well. The newly invented robotic therapy would help solve the difficulty, expects scientists.
Medical experts conducted several 10-minutes classes with Kaspar. The series of interactive secessions, with the friendly robot, would help the child learn appropriate social communication and relationship building skills.
An autistic child showed improvements
In an example of the capabilities of the robot, a four-year old girl, Eden Sawczenko, took several lessons from Kapsar and showed remarkable progress in her social relations, thereafter.
During the sessions, Eden used to learn from the robot which was controlled by a scientist with a remote.
Eden's mother Claire said her daughter never reciprocated before when her friends hugged her, and also was indifferent towards friendly gestures like holding hands. But, after meeting Kasper she developed emotions and started reciprocating physical gestures.
Claire said, "She's a lot more affectionate with her friends now and will even initiate the embrace"
How Kaspar, the robot helps an autistic child ?
Kaspar is available at the University of Hertfordshire for $1,300 pounds, The latest data suggests the technology is worth buying as it has helped around 300 autistic children all over Britain.
Kaspar is designed and programmed in such a manner to behave no less than a friendly human being.
All the human emotions including smiling, blinking, frowning, waving arms and of course laughing are minutely incorporated inside Kaspar's brain.
In addition to this, Kaspar can also play Nintendo Wii along with the child. The latest pro-version has also got cells which makes the robot's exterior to feel like that of a human skin.

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