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A CLEC, or competitive local exchange carrier, is a telecommunications carrier that competes with other carriers that are already established in the marketplace, usually the utility telephone company (ILEC). The ILEC is Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier or the utility service provider for the area.

Historically, CLECs began competing with ILECs around 1985 by offering private phone service and special access services to the defined community. In October 1984, the Federal Communications Commission ordered the deregulation of telephone equipment being leased to customers by independent phone companies. The adopted deregulation plan was set to start by Sept. 1, 1985.

In the current environment, how can the CLECs gain the competitive edge they need to survive in today's economy? One strategy is to hire a skilled telecom consulting team to give a CLEC the knowledge and resources it needs to compete effectively with the big market players, including acquisition of telecom funding.

Telecom Funding Resources:

For example, if a CLEC needs telecom funding, an experienced team can help the business to apply for and successfully obtain the loans it needs to expand its market share. However, obtaining telecom funds is a tricky process. The first challenge is that traditional lenders might not understand a CLEC's business model. Therefore, traditional lenders often see telecommunication businesses as risky candidates for funding. However, professional help is available.

Streamlining Billing:

In addition to securing funds through lenders, the telecom billing process can also be challenging. It is wise to carefully study policy and implement changes to make the procedure efficient and process-driven.

Streamlining your CLEC's billing into a more efficient process will free up a large amount of capital to fund your future business endeavors. However, you have the power to revamp your billing system, which can ensure both customer satisfaction and the highest possible rate of payment for the services your company provides. A consulting firm can help you with customizing these policy changes to best suit the needs of both your business and your customers.

Additionally, having a streamlined billing system helps reduce paper waste and lessens the number of overdue payments. An efficient process also helps to increase the amount of clients you are able to serve effectively.

From the initial credit check to contract renewals, a skilled and experienced consulting firm is a CLEC resource your company can use in today's unstable economic climate.

In order to compete with the major players in the telecommunications industry, you need to free up as much available capital as possible for your business expansion and growth. That means calling in for the advice of experienced professionals.

If necessary, you can generate even more capital to expand your business by finding telecom funding sources to lend you the needed funds to build your presence in the marketplace and to be a strong competitor. Whatever your financial goals are, good advice is sure to help maximize the financial future of your telecommunications company.?

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