Vinaphone application VinaBox of assessment for iOS and Android

Vinaphone application VinaBox of assessment for iOS and Android
Recently, Vinaphone launched Vinabox - multifunctional applications for iOS, Android, Symbian and Java. This software gives us a very rich content repositories on different areas. Besides, users also can use the value-added services of Vinaphone with different preferences. In the new version is updated, VinaPhone conducted additional attractive entertainment content to bring to the customer a great experience nhat.Dac distinct from 10/09/2012 to 16/09/2012 VinaPhone done promotions a month's free use for customers who sign up for the service. The following article will conduct rated Vinabox on two operating systems Android and iOS.   The content that VinaBox provides: Lookup: constantly updated news weather, exchange rates, gold prices, as well as all the news at home and abroad. Infotainment: the forum lottery, football, video clips, music and relaxation are integrated in the application. Use your favorite service Vinaphone: Ringtones, Misscallalert, Funtalk, say2send. VinaPhone customers also send 10 free SMS every day to all the network and not have to pay charges when use VinaBox. Offers for VinaPhone subscribers using the application: Free data charges when using the service. Use your favorite service Vinaphone without memory or wapsite access to messaging syntax Update repository content rich and engaging entertainment. Download VinaBox for iOS Download VinaBox for Android Download VinaBox for Symbian and Java   From your phone, you can access wapsite: or compose TAI send 9555 to download the free application. After downloading, the software will be automatically installed in your phone.   At first, the software will ask you to fill in the number of subscribers Vinaphone and click "Login" to continue to use. If you run VinaBox on other network computers (MobiFone, Viettel, etc.), you can still use your back VinaPhone (or borrow someone else's), then choose the "Get OTP" to retrieve the password using (password will be sent in a message to VinaPhone that subscribers you entered). However, you will not be able to enjoy the privileges for VinaPhone that users have listed above.   Then we will move to the main interface of the software with two key cards: Entertainment and Vinaphone. Here, users can watch videos, check football results, lottery, information on foreign currency exchange rates, gold prices, weather forecasts and many other fun items such as fortune telling, consulting or search the site.     Main interface on Android (left) and iOS (right) Video entries will be listed for you to view the video clips are available on its service and the clip is updated continuously. When choosing to each film, Vinabox allow us the choice of whether online or over the download on your device. You can use both Wi-Fi and 3G to see. Especially, if you use Vinaphone subscribers will use charge is completely free.   Download movies on Vinaphone and speed when using the 3G network is quite fast, short waiting time to download movies so you can quickly begin enjoying the film. Video quality at acceptable levels to be able to see through 3G but certainly we can not stream movies Full-HD or 720p HD.       Another limitation can be seen here is that the application does not provide any tools to search our movies, including iOS and Android, so you will get more difficult when looking for a specific video . Although Vinaphone arranged by categories such as funny video, sports, music, ... but there is a place to enter your video into still more useful than the current hand searching. On iOS, the genre has a small representative image front look less monotonous on Android.       In view of the results football, outside vieccung granted you the basic information about the game as a result, the team competition, ranking ... you can see the expert opinions, statistics after the game, the highest odds and more particularly clip goals in the match. VinaBox support both the wall directly to the game in progress or review the circumstances of the match ended ...       Another useful feature that many of us will need, it's lookup. Here, you can see the exchange rate, the price of gold and the weather forecast for the next few days for each province. This is a very useful feature that helps manage the above information faster. Just like watching football results, users will save a lot of time rather than having to visit multiple websites to get the things you need.     Items by fun, relaxation, counseling and location, I would like to pass because of the interface and how to use exactly the same with the items mentioned above. Because the content is so much so that you can discover yourself interesting information that VinaBox can bring.   Here I want to focus comes to an interesting feature: free messaging. Every day, users can Vinabox message 10 free SMS to any phone number you want, on any carrier, not only between the rent including Vinaphone together. The interface features free message is quite simple, there is a box for us to enter the phone number (or pick from contacts), frame contents and two submit button. Two Send and Cancel button on iOS located quite strange considering the familiar messaging software, that is they are just above and not below the editor, so the few times I hit the wrong after finished typing. Vinaphone should review the layout here. The number of characters for a free information is also limited at 100 and not 160 as usual, because this message attached with Vinaphone ad. But anyway, this is a solution to this network provide savings for us to be able to use with the message is not important or not politely, such as send to your friends.       Switch to the second card, VinaPhone. Here you will find is the popularity of services VinaPhone as ringback registration, inspection telephone charges, free SMS (same as above), VinaPhone News (to check for updates, promotions and new telecom operators this), missed calls, call barring, CallMeBack, Say2Send, Funtalk and view electronic portal or links to VinaPhone partners.       For example features CallMeBack such term. Normally, we have to use the syntax by entering * 110 * SDT #. There are some cases where you suddenly forget the syntax, it's time VinaBox effective because you only need to run it up, choose CallMeBack is and enter the phone number to prompt the person to call back. The code * 100 * or # will be responsible for software.       Also this interface, you can easily register to use value-added services such as call barring, notice of a missed call any ... without lengthy syntax editor. Specific application will notify the service description and specific announces cash for you to decide whether to register or not.   With VinaBox, you can access your subscription information quickly and accurately. It will help you see the money in your account, proceed to recharge, check GPRS charges (time, specific capacity) and call history. Can see all the features that VinaPhone layout here aims to achieve a maximum time savings to customers.       More interesting perhaps is in register ringback feature. On Android and iOS, when you touch this icon will be running list of interesting effects and smoother. Vinabox lists of songs can put a song together with the corresponding amount. The user has two options: send gifts to your song for a friend or installed at the subscriber is using. Points for VinaBox for that is that you can hear the ringtone in the interface of the program with a very friendly interface and eye-catching. The music you hear is what will be applied as a music box, with the quality and length respectively.       Unlike features video clips, here is an input frame to search we conduct ringtones. You can enter the name of the song or singer, VinaBox will automatically search for, but you do not have to point out specifically looking to search by any field. Returns results quickly and accurately as to what the intended search. Can view the installed ringtones are the most attractive and useful features that VinaBox provide for us.   Overall, VinaBox is a software or, useful for those who are using VinaPhone subscribers. In addition to rich entertainment, but it also gives the user maximum convenience when you need to value-added services provided by VinaPhone. Even so, there are still a few little bugs in the interface and the level of convenience that manufacturers need to overcome to help its customers get a better experience in the future. Especially from 10/09/2012 to 16/09/2012 VinaPhone make deals a month's free use for customers who sign up for the service. According to her this is a good opportunity for you to be able to experience the convenience of the service VinaBox   The highlights of VinaBox features: Watch or download video clips Football diverse data (results, squad, the highest odds, following the match, clip goal ..) Look up information on the weather, the price of gold, foreign currency exchange rates, location Audition and set a song on your phone 10 free messages per day Using value-added services of VinaPhone (call barring, call request, the promotional news, background audio calls, send voice messages) The costs associated with: Toll-free data for subscribers VinaPhone when use VinaBox. Service for the whole package: 5,000 / month Customers or give mp3 music downloads, video clips be an extra fee of 2,000 VND / View more screen shots of some of the other features that VinaBox provide    Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_200167706"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_200167706');   ...


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