Sandisk introduces SSD ReadyCache, solution speed for desktops

Sandisk introduces SSD ReadyCache, solution speed for desktops
As we all know, there are many ways to improve the speed of the computer and upgrade the RAM, CPU, HDD or SSD instead, which of the SSD upgrade would always take the most obvious effect. However, the data transfer from HDD to SSD or problems to small capacity SSD barrier is the reason why many people hesitate. So, to solve this case, Sandisk has introduced the SSD 32GB capacity ReadyCache line, its function is not to install the operating system or software, which acts as a buffer for computer data.   SSD ReadyCache of Sandisk 32GB capacity, the price more than 49 USD, a relatively high price compared to other SSDs, but its role is completely different with ordinary SSD. Specifically, the drive is not used to install the operating system or software, but it functions as a buffer for the data on the computer, users simply insert the SSD ReadyCache computer and install software ExpressCache (load on Sandisk website) is completed (currently this software only supports Windows 7). Meanwhile, the software will automatically detect and use this SSD as a cache for data access in the computer, thus helping to reduce the time off, reboot and run the program. According to Sandisk, this solution will help speed up the launch of up to 12 times faster than software, reducing boot time 4 times.   Sandisk product aimed at the use of desktop objects, by simple desktop support more seat mounted hard drive, if your laptop has more than one hard drive slot, also can use the this method. SSD 32GB ReadyCache size 2.5 ", use SATA III 6Gbps bandwidth, fast read / write respectively 480 and 115MB / s, which is sold with screw and moving tray 3.5" to add to the desktop. This SSD is priced $ 49.58 and can be purchased here.   Source PCLaunches ...


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