German former first lady sued Google search suggestions rude

German former first lady sued Google search suggestions rude
Search suggestions are a nice feature of Google, to help users save time entering the query content. However, it is the cause of the U.S. search company to court for "daring" proposed former first lady German with ... prostitution. Bettina Wulff, wife of former German President Christian Wulff, was not happy to see his name appear with phrases like "sex" (prostituierte in German) or "red light" (rotlicht). This comes from a number of rumors about her life Bettina before becoming first lady. The above information has been denied by her.   Ms. Bettina claim has been submitted to the regional court Hamburg. This is not the first time Google sued for the search suggestion feature in Europe. In January this year, the French court fined Google $ 65,000 and forced the company to remove the search results including assign the Lyonnaise de Garantie bank name to phrases like "fraud" and "deception". In addition, the Japanese court in March also require U.S. firms looking to adjust the search algorithm suggested in this country, after a man claimed that his name was assigned to the crime not true. It is clear that Google needs to be more careful with his services, if you do not want to continue to lose money because of incidents like this.   Source: The Verge ...


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