Facebook Statistics extremely detailed with Wolfram | Alpha

Facebook Statistics extremely detailed with Wolfram | Alpha
On Facebook there are many app users to your account statistics, but most are unreliable and poorly detailed. Today I would like to introduce to you another statistical tool of detail is extremely high, easy to use and best of all is that it was developed from a very reliable website that is Wolfram | Alpha. This tool can tell you disabled all what you have done on Facebook, has posted how much status, up to how many pictures, Stats comment, Like, friends, age, address .. .   Statistics There are many things that can get on your Facebook account and Wolfram | Alpha has collected a very detailed report that is easy to see, in the form of drawings and diagrams is very intuitive. To use this tool, you on address www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=facebook+ reports or on site www.wolframalpha.com then type in the words "facebook report" (without the quotes), then allow it to connect to your Facebook account and sign up 1 Free Account Wolfram | Alpha.   After connecting, Wolfram | Alpha will take a few minutes to collect the data from your account. Then it will appear as follows:   Statistics on the number of status, pictures, videos Like, comment Most who comment Or use the software Statistics friends Age your friends Friends came from According to The Verge, WolframAlpha ...


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