Apple will introduce a new version of the iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano along with the new iPhone on 12/9?

Apple will introduce a new version of the iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano along with the new iPhone on 12/9?
Just two more days to Apple's event, all the decorations, preparing the outside began to be complete, however the information related to the contents remain confidential. It seems a lot of people now confirmed that Apple will introduce the next-generation iPhone, but according to some sources, the next "iPhone 5", probably another device also launched: iPod Touch screen Figure 4 ". addition, the U.S. technology group is also expected to launch the next version of the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.   Similar to the previous rumors about the screen of the new iPhone, iPod Touch next version is expected to have screen sizes 4 ", a 16:9 resolution, smaller dock plug, Bluetooth 4.0, installed iOS 6, Apple is not clear whether the general use of new iPhone screen technology for the iPod Touch or not. Indeed screen version of the iPod Touch has recently reached a resolution Retina, but it is not integrated IPS display technology - help display contrast more accurate colors and wider viewing angles - because the price was too high. Sources also predict that the new iPod Touch will have more colors, and can be sold with price range $ 299 to $ 399.     Followed rumors of two other small entertainment device is the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. The first is iPod Shuffle, some people believe that Apple will not bring too many changes in the hardware configuration for this device, change the carrier will add three new colors, bringing the total number of colors of iPod Shuffle up to eight different colors. Starting price is expected to range from $ 49.     And finally iPod Nano, this is the product that according to sources Apple will make a lot of changes in both hardware design. Similar to previous rumors, the shape of the machine is expected to return to the rectangle as the old design, besides, the new iPod Nano's screen is no longer a square but rectangle, similar to the iPhone but with a smaller size.   Anyway let us wait until 12/9 to know what Apple will say and do, Essence will report to the live event, you remember to pay attention to watch!     According 9To5Mac ...


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