Amazon officially entered the race with Apple in the tablet market

Amazon officially entered the race with Apple in the tablet market
Last week was an extremely exciting period of the technology world, with a series of new mobile product launch. In particular, it is impossible not to mention Amazon's new tablet product. However, the most important moment in the event of Amazon is not when Jeff Bezos announced the new Kindle and Kindle Fire, which is the statement "the user does not need the handheld. They need the services innovation daily, weekly, monthly. " Statement by leaders Amazon has marked a new step in the strategic development of its mobile products, while contributing to explain the success of the Kindle Fire, while other Android tablets have failed .   "Is the Kindle Fire as a service. It provides users with over 22 million products. It knows your name, it provides suggestions for you," Jeff said about the Kindle Fire as if he is talking about Amazon: the whole online shopping experience and the use of technology is encapsulated in a device. Jeff's words seemed to carry an implication: the future of the Amazon is not on the site, which is through the gate called the Kindle Fire there.   Mobile is the obvious trend of the technology market today. Market more and more mobile devices of all types, accompanied by the cloud service and subscription service to access digital content. The online applications become more popular than ever, and even that is gradually replacing the traditional retail model. However, few companies make that transition as comprehensive as Amazon.   While Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are drawing up the path from the PC era to the post-PC and from desktop to mobile computing, Amazon has avoided all these problems can occur with war strategy wisely. It has to learn the essentials from competitors - like the idea of ​​Apple's iTunes app or Google's Android software platform, so as to improve its products and services. While Apple is still trying to prove the iPad can do more than a mere entertainment devices, Amazon does not shy away from the fact that, even using it as a competitive advantage.   "We want to profit when users use our equipment, not when they buy them," Jeff said. Kindle Fire is not a device, it is a pavilion, and a huge booth.   Android only sub-elements   At the beginning of his presentation, Jeff did not hesitate to "drown" the Android tablet products. We not only too prone to hardware, but Amazon's product is superior on price and service. Nexus 7 is the only device Jeff wanted to put next to a Kindle Fire, at least to compare the price and configuration. This is reasonable. Google products are competitive, and somewhat superior to the first-generation Kindle Fire product configuration and price. However, the advantages of the Nexus 7 is no longer available, while Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 "for $ 199.   With other manufacturers, Jeff was not even mentioned their brand name. Nook and Kobo book reader products compete directly with the Kindle seems to not make the CEO of Amazon to care. But most of all, Jeff does not have a word about the Android platform that his company used for the new Kindle Fire device. Amazon said it used the Android version, not even mentioning the Kindle Fire running Android. A normal user, after leaving the Amazon event, can completely think Kindle Fire HD running a proprietary operating system.   Postpone discussing validity, but discernible Jeff not see the Android device manufacturers are important competitors. Amazon is simply playing a game, their own, and focused on a larger goal.   Apple, the name was brought into focus   But do not say it, but it's not hard to find a name that Amazon want targeting, Apple. This is the largest company in the industry, holding significant market share tablet and digital entertainment content, and is probably the only name to compete with Amazon in terms of the array of retail and business content. In a press release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon wrote, "Amazon to compete with high-end products", and that is none other than Apple.   Amazon has the competitive strategy both directly and indirectly aimed at Apple. First, Amazon wants to prove that, like Apple, is a technology company focused on innovation and innovation. It explains that although hardware has denied the role of, Jeff still take the time to say to the importance of WiFi technology for its new products. Jeff would like to send a message to the public is: we are not selling him books like invasive hardware array. We are the inventors, pioneers. We want to be recognized properly.   Not only confirmed the production capacity of the company, Jeff also want to emphasize that the hardware is a core element to cater for the provision of services on Kindle Fire HD. WiFi upgrade is to improve the speed performance of high-resolution video, Dolby sound system to help improve the quality of user experience. Every Amazon do serve a single purpose: to prove its technology is worth, and self-positioning of its brand and products closer to rival Apple in the minds of consumers.   In addition to the message, we can see that Amazon does not intentionally direct attacks on Apple products. Kindle Fire HD screen size 8.9 ", 16:10 aspect ratio, not 9.7" 4:3 aspect ratio as the iPad. Screen 8.9 "sufficient to show movies and play games, but it still can not bring mobile computing experience as the iPad. Amazon's strategy is not to compete on the front which is the home of the Apple . If true Apple launches iPad mini, it can significantly affect sales of the Kindle Fire product. But the market can not deny the fact that the new Amazon's pioneering role in segment tablet 7 ", not Apple.   Fell 4G charges $ 50 for the first year is also one of the challenges for Apple. Although the user then has to sign a contract to use the data, and 250MB is little capacity for users in high demand, but if you look at the price of $ 499 for a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 "32GB 4G LTE, you can ask for anything more? With that price, you can buy a the 2012 16GB WiFi iPad.   Price supports service users to return for Amazon's core business strategy: customers internet access anytime, anywhere to buy Amazon products anytime, anywhere. Recall, What is Amazon's business is retail.   Amazon doctrine   Amazon build yourself a customer-oriented business philosophy: align the interests of the company for the benefit of customers, Amazon only victory when the user successfully. If Amazon customers satisfied with services and products of the Kindle Fire, Amazon wins. In contrast, Amazon is the loser. All decisions about hardware, software, services, prices, messages ... will follow that philosophy.   Kindle Fire HD is the product for future consumption, rather than mobile computing. Amazon can only be successful when the company built its own playground: long-term pursuit of victory with a low starting point and focus on retail services together with the content. It is a gamble, and Amazon has poured his dice. is the largest online retail website in the world, and now with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD products to their customers will never leave the store.   Source: The Verge ...


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