Why Apple put YouTube out iOS 6 will make Google love them more

Why Apple put YouTube out iOS 6 will make Google love them more
This morning Apple announced iOS 6 beta 4 that the most important change is the removal YouTube application out of their equipment. IOS has been on since the first day, when the operating system is the ability to install applications that rely on the web app, YouTube has contributed to the success of IOS, which it separate from the regular operating system at that time. But now the times have changed, Apple is phasing out what related to the product from Google, and YouTube also has time to be replaced. Play through it seems like Google will be very angry with this decision but if you think further, you will see the new Google is the chief beneficiaries.   First of all, let's find out why Apple removed YouTube: Update from the Apple official said license from Google has expired. Google is also developing a separate YouTube application for IOS It's official, in addition to other reasons that Apple does not publish: Apple is trying to eliminate all those involved to Google out of the machine, the first being the Maps application, maps in iPhoto, now is YouTube. In the past Apple has also added a search option in the browser, Google is no longer the only option anymore. Latest Mac OS 10.8 also supports file sharing via the video site YouTube but completely absent, only Vimeo. YouTube on IOS application is an application that worst of all applications on the machine, looking through YouTube on Android to see it. Apple is a company requires perfection and control like crazy, Maps and YouTube are two applications on Apple machines only completely uncontrolled. For the above reasons, we certainly confirmed one thing: Apple to benefit from the removal from YouTube of their equipment and they made it fun.   So Google, where they also cause fun when Apple put YouTube application: As mentioned above, YouTube application for iOS too bad. YouTube has an excellent web platform much more better than the native app on IOS. Google wants to focus on the real web-app. Google has tested successfully HTML5 video and sooner or later all of this type will replace the video for Adobe Flash. If you do own app, Google would be able to manage and update the new features without waiting for Apple. Individual and Youtube Mobile App for Google ads, after all they are a company to sell advertising and advertising it to be money. Maintaining the current app YouTube without advertising more profitable for Apple, not Google. On the visual front, Apple removed the application to benefit Google. The beautiful moment when Eric Schmidt also located in the Apple board and talk about a beautiful world gone AppleGoo then. Thus, Google is happy with the decision of Apple, so the two are like, why not? Both the two companies would benefit, only users, especially children used to watch YouTube video is detrimental to the YouTube applications developed by Google to appear.   Trivia: It's sad when Apple and Google to go to the painful situation of today. Remember when it announced the iPhone, Steve Jobs said: "You can not think of the Internet without thinking about Google. We have worked very closely, very closely together to turn all into reality." In response, Google CEO says is something like: "It's like we merge two companies and AppleGoo can call it." 5 years, and things change quickly.   Compiled from the verge, TechCrunch ...


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