Store Microsoft Office Beta release, broadening the application store for Office 2013 web

Store Microsoft Office Beta release, broadening the application store for Office 2013 web
A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled the Napa programming tools to create applications that extend Office and SharePoint. To date, the software has appeared in such Office Store. The app store is still in its beta stage but we can try to download a small software to add many interesting features for Office 2013. Microsoft said all applications for extensions are built according to web standards like HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS so users in businesses, schools may be used freely without going through the IT department . These extensions will also be in sync on many different machines, as long as we sign with a Microsoft account. In addition, the Office Store also offers app for SharePoint software.   As for developers, Microsoft said that developers "have full control over the mode and period of application of copyright information on their applications." In other words, programmers can themselves determine prices for the application, installation as well as time trial mode activated option rights. Microsoft will hold 20% of sales of the fee application, the remainder paid to the programmer.   There you can download a number of extensions to map features such as embedded Excel spreadsheet to display geographic data, audio functions for data analysis or automatically trigger an action that when the email. A few other useful applications can be listed as LinkedIn for Outlook, Groupon, Merriam-Webster dictionary. In the future there will be many more software posted to Office Store in preparation for the Office 2013 when it officially launches next year.   Links to the Office Store Beta   Some Napa app on Office Store It displays the map right in Excel 2013 Dictionary taskpane embedded in Word 2013 format Using a small calendar with Outlook 2013 According to Microsoft, the verge Attachments: Screen Shot at 2012-08-07 7:59:16 AM.png File size: 185 KB Views: 0


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