Curiosity Mars Rover landed on Mars - Curiosity Mars Rover (Lego) in Earth

A nuclear-powered Curiosity Mars rover was successfully landed on the floor of Gale Crater in remarkably good shape, setting down on that flat, wind-swept plain littered with uniform gravel-like rocks and firm soil. And over the world is anxious to see how this little creature works once they get out it out exploring on the Martian surface.

To get a better feel for that experience, Will Gorman and Doug Moran have built a scale model of Curiosity using Lego Mindstorm version of Mars Curiosity Rover. This cute little one was made of 7x NXT Bricks, 13 x NXT Motors, 2x Power Function Motors and over 1,000 individual Lego Brick to form this prototype. Four of thee six wheels are powered and independently steerable, so the Lego Curiosity cam make 360 degree turn on the dime just like the real one which is on Mars now. You can see the videos after the break.


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