[Tutorial WP] 10 tricks using

[Tutorial WP] 10 tricks using
Here are 10 tips and tricks for your Windows Phone 7.5, for example, the decoration SkyDrive up automatically when taking pictures, change background image in the Picture Hub, Passcode lock in, the mouse cursor ...   A. Pinch to view photos When viewing images in this collection, you can stroke two fingers together to shrink the image to see a hiccup and started sliding images in the form of claws, like Timeline / Cover.   Two. More smiley face symbols when texting When you IM, you can click on the smiley face is key to switch the interface emoticons (smiley), click next arrow button (bottom left) is next to many other Smiley.   3. Show the cursor when selecting text Press and hold your finger on the screen a few seconds to display a cursor, continue to hold hands and move your cursor to where you want to select text.   4. Change the background in the Picture Hub By default, the Picture Hub will automatically change the wallpaper based on the continuity in your computer. Want to put a different image as wallpaper, you fixed the Picture Hub, click the 3 dots in the right corner of the screen to install a menu> then select the Choose Background. If you want to return to the default, choose Shuffle Background.   Five. Select multiple email To select multiple messages at once, click on the first line of any email, immediately the small squares will appear to you to select / deselect them.   6. Remove applications To remove an application from any computer, switch to the application menu interface, press and hold hands to remove the application name> select Uninstall.   7. Lock computer with password To request your password every time you unlock the screen, go to Settings> Lock + Wallpaper> select ON in the Password, enter the password into two boxes on the screen. Then select the time period required for a password Change Password button below.   8. Turn off spell check Spell check feature does not support Vietnamese so we should turn it off to help avoid trouble, by going to Settings> Keyboard> Typing Settings> click on the English text at the top of the screen> uncheck in the "Suggest highlight misspelled words and text."   9. Automatically save images on SkyDrive This feature is very good, take pictures with the camera when the image of the machine that will automatically be up to SkyDrive, you will not worry every time the format is lost or lose your phone again. To do so, open up Picture Hub> three dots> Settings> Automatically turn On the upload directory to SkyDrive.   10. Turn off the phone with web surfing Website usually has two display modes is full (Full-Site) and boiling (Mobile). By default it will set to Mobile, want to switch to full mode, you open the web browser to> three dots> Settings> Site preferences> select Desktop version. ...


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