Contest results "funding do Infographic", 3 winners

Contest results
As appointment last week, today I will announce three beautiful picture and best Infographic both content and form. Because the total number of entries is too large (400 times), nice quality too should have made the BTC takes a lot of time and effort to classify, mark. Review articles have undergone several rounds of different spots of the different BTC members, 3 of 3 winners all the more satisfying Infographic most satisfying many different perspectives and bring objectivity most high .   And here is the result: First prize: all your pain dvkndn maquan ORANGE (HTC One S) Second prize: all figures on your Minhtrimatrix (HTC Desire C) Third prize: all you know about the Photosynthesis your ken1435 (HTC Desire C) Offers above 3 you win sent the original image file editor (Photoshop file, Illustrator ...) to the email address BTC BTC to proceed with the certification exam (if more than 24 hours on 05 / 08/2012, the winner has not sent the original file for items that BTC is seen as being kind, BTC only the verification of source files to images, absolutely not used for other purposes).   In addition, there are many other articles are also very beautiful and Infographic or, BTC will post it out gradually all subtle homepage for everyone to see and admire. Expected in a few days, we will have a picture contest Infographic share this, you wait and see the light.   Finally, invite you to see the picture Infographic statistics about our competition.   ...


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