Crucial SSDs v4 introduces price from $ 50 for 32GB

Crucial SSDs v4 introduces price from $ 50 for 32GB
Crucial recently introduced solid-generation hard drives (SSD) new low for the segment which has not named v4 exciting. Next SSD speed and stability also comes with quite expensive prices, but the appearance of the hard drive as v4 will help many people with the opportunity to use solid drive, an important factor to accelerate copy of data, computer programs launch. According to Crucial, this new hard drive size 2.5 "with SATA 2 (3GB per second) with a read speed and write a 190MB/giay 230MB/giay. Before v4, Crucial SSDs had a pretty famous line English is the m4 to read speeds and use the SATA interface 415MB/giay 3 (6Gb/giay) but much higher price. Crucial will sell v4 hard to celebrate 32GB ($ 50), 64GB (price $ 70) , 128GB ($ 100) and 256GB for $ 190.   Source: Crucial ...


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