Scientists develop super-resolution camera Megapixel 50,000

Scientists develop super-resolution camera Megapixel 50,000
Leading scientific journal Nature World (online) has announced invented super-resolution cameras up to 50 Gigapixel (about 50,000 megapixel!) Of scientists from the University of Arizona and Duke University (United States). To see the level of super terrible camera called Aware-2, we can imagine it has a resolution greater than 5 eyes when watching punish infinity, and if the comparison, a commercial camera resolution from 5-40 MP will only be elves if the photographs are emitted from both machines full size.     The images taken from the Duke campus Course comes so great ability as well as the specifications are equally impressive. Aware-2 is a circular cylinder with cross sectional area 0.24 square meters and 0.5 meters long is placed on a metal frame. Unlike conventional camera lens includes a lens coaxial parallel, "lens" of Aware-2 is a complex combination of 98 cameras with the lens system in particular. Each aircraft is equipped with 14 MP sensor and connect with each other through the wires and the central processor.     The small machine is responsible for recording information on a somewhat large area to capture. Special fabrication process allows the camera can produce images of the object image is equivalent to 38 mm size when shooting at a distance of 1km. Then all information is encrypted via the electronic system and transmitted to the CPU. A special software was developed to processors can be integrated and synchronized information obtained. Finally, it will give out truthful images with high resolution and wide angle 120 degrees and high 50 degree angle.   You can think of it as a panorama-style game, but remember that with photography transplant it takes a few days time with a powerful computer to give birth to a complete picture. While Aware-2 is equipped with a CPU. To give birth to a super camera so, many optical technology, electronics and software complex has been launched and the team successfully resolved.   With the photo resolution 50 GP, after zooming scientists can see what they do not look in their eyes appear when shooting. This can be seen as a revolutionary invention changed the outlook on the current art photography. You can see it through the beam image is separated from the fraction of large images throughout this article.   The photo above is from a corner in Seattle (Washington, USA), below is a picture a few small area is enlarged to show details clearly. As a model was developed in the laboratory, super camera also many drawbacks such as size too big and too costly ($ 100,000). Furthermore new continuous shooting speed 10 frames / sec (close to the speed of the video camera) requires its storage capacity on the devices corresponding to the rate of several GB / sec. Also have to mention the transmission and see this huge photographs how through the Internet. Scientists hope that with the development of the semiconductor industry, size and price of this super camera can be reduced and it can appear on the market after 5 years.     Images taken with an angle of sky exposure time 1.85 s Please find timelapse video of the process of creating Aware 2: The interest you more technical details can refer to articles I've uploaded here.   Source: Nature, Duke University ...


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