[Health] National Top 10 Best World inactive

[Health] National Top 10 Best World inactive
Medical journal The Lancet recently published British research results of national citizens (15 and older) are less physically active in the world. Surveys conducted in 122 countries with three criteria assess lazy activities as follows: There are less than 30 minutes / day of physical activity at moderate levels of 5 days per week. With less than 20 minutes / day of physical activity at high intensity for 3 days per week. Having to consume energy when not active MET 600 per week. Accordingly Malta became sedentary nation in the world with 71.9% of the population violates one of the three criteria above. Hard country to participate in physical activity in Europe is Greece at a rate of only 15.6%. Kuwait is a country with the most sedentary citizens in Asia with 64.5%, Vietnam ranked fifth with 15.3% in Southeast Asia. Refer to detailed statistics here.   Top 10 countries in the world inactive: A. Malta 71.9% Two. Swaziland 69% 3. Saudi Arabia 68.8% 4. 68.3% Serbia Five. Argentina 68.3% 6. Micronesia 66.3% 7. Kuwait 64.5% 8. England 63.3% 9. UAE 62.5% 10. Malaysia 61.4%   It is known that physical inactivity status place him in a state of danger to health drastically. People with sedentary femoral neck fracture risk higher than normal. Still a sedentary lifestyle, more time to watch TV, read newspapers, working with a computer, talking on the phone, driving, eating ... with inappropriate diet, excess energy is also made of patients with hypertension, dementia, autism, chronic diseases of the respiratory ... rising everyday. Along with many other studies, the scientific community to recognize, just a regular exercise routine KCl consume about 1,000 per week can obtain positive results for health. * MET (metabolic equivalent) is the energy consumption of a not very active. 1 MET = 3.5 ml oxygen / kg / min Source: Guardian, Globaltvbc, Internet


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