[Assessment] of Majestouch Keyboard 2: balance between playing games and writing

[Assessment] of Majestouch Keyboard 2: balance between playing games and writing
The keyboard seems to be user equipment at the most attention in the peripheral, because its main effect is typing, and so often it will generate general psychology is any keyboard is typing enough then. But in the three important peripherals of a PC (including keyboard, mouse and monitor), the keyboard also has an important role his own. The input devices of good quality will make the job of typing the text better, more comfortable feeling, better gaming, and most importantly, a good keyboard will last longer. Today, Essence will send to you a brief review of the keyboard (Mechanical Keyboard) of Filco to help us have a better overview of the product line is pretty special.   A. About the keyboard   Currently, the common market are two types of keyboards, including membrane keyboard (Membrance keyboard) and the keyboard (Mechanical keyboard). Membrane keyboard which is widely used in most of the regular keyboard and laptop now so cheap, and easy to make. But they are not small blemishes. The principal types of membrane keyboard membrane using a large rubber (Rubber Dome) for all keys. When the user presses any key first, this rubber layer subsidence pole connector on the circuit and keyboard, the computer signaled that the key has been pressed. The downside here is that when you hit not enough power, ron will not rubber in contact with the circuit to the machine does not receive commands from the keyboard. Also designed by ron long term rubber, the rubber membrane will be stretched, with bottles of electrode leads to loss of electrical signal (typing without food, bottles, cans and so forth are key).   (Ron rubber of a universal keyboard) The keyboard has overcome all the drawbacks mentioned above. In principle, each key on the keyboard is a completely independent structure of keycap (the plastic keys), switches and circuit system separately. And depending on each different type of switch, the level of orders as well as bounce when typing could be different. Hence the need to type a lot or players simply flick your finger across it and have received orders not to hit the end of the journey with membrane keypad keys as usual. Also due to the special mechanical structure that only the keyboard is capable of receiving signals from multiple keys at once (N-key Roll Over - NKRO) and superior durability compared with membrane keyboard, the strength of each key can reach to 50 million clicks.   (Cherry MX Brown switches the structure of the keyboard) Two. About the Majestouch 2 keyboard Filco   Filco although it sounds strange to most users in Vietnam but this is a big name in the field of mechanical keyboard from Japan. Filco a lot of keyboard product line based on three types of firms switch Cherry (a company specialized in manufacturing switch for the keyboard), Blue (most popular), Brown and Black. In addition the company also produces a variety of other accessories such as keyboards hand inventory, keycap, cover ...   The keyboard of Majestouch 2, using Cherry MX Brown switches. This is a superior product line of Filco and is priced rather high, about $ 150. 3. Box and Product Design   Masjestouch 2 is pretty basic package. Carrying paper products made from hard cacton, nothing special.     Outside in the box full of information on features as well as the origin of the product.     When you open the box and see the right products are covered with transparent plastic layer, including only accessory connector PS / 2 (very important and will be presented in section 5) and a key puller (used to remove the key when necessary), plus no more manuals (manual) or as a BONUS keycap Majestouch 2 Multicam or Ninja.     Majestouch 2 looks very classic and hardly any difference compared to the conventional keyboard, it conforms to the standard 104 keys of an ordinary keyboard.     The back consists of rubber soles and feet improves inventory keyboard for easy typing more.     Quite contrary to the classic layout of keyboard design, the appearance of majestouch two quite bulky and heavy, weighing over 1 kg and up to 3.6 cm thickness. Such bulky size caused by the complex structure of the keyboard. But the keyboard is often used primarily for desktop so this is the advantage, so that 2 is not shifted Majestouch unwanted when we are typing.   Connector PS / 2 seemingly useless (because this ceremony we move through the USB port spend it all) but it is very important for the keyboard. Because the keyboard connector with USB 2.0 keyboard usually can only receive signals from up to 6 keys at the same time only (technical limit) so that to make the most advantage of the keyboard NKRO well as features, you use the included connector to plug into PS / 2 port on your computer.   Contrary to the importance of connector PS / 2, a Key Puller has no significant effect. Its effect is only to remove the keycap off switch, usually used when cleaning or changing the type of keyboard keycap other decorative in nature.   The first remove any keys very easily with a clamp comes in the box 4. Keycap and switch   Keycap of Majestouch 2 is manufactured by Laser-etched technology, ie the keyboard buttons are engraved with a laser up and faded forever. This is the advanced technology and highly effective, but it has a drawback that can not LED backlight system for a key is no room for the light passes through the keycap.     The fact that the use of laser engraved keycap to help achieve high efficiency and aesthetics to help characters emerge, beautiful and durable than technology in membrane keyboard stuck on the old style.     On the switch, Majestouch 2 using Cherry MX Brown switches known. Switch MX Brown feels soft and does not have to type a click noise characteristics of Blue MX switch.     Brown is the MX switch tactile feedback (tactile feedback), MX Brown balance between two goals: for professional typing and gaming group. Unlike Black MX, MX Brown feels soft and tactile feedback feeling about half of the keyboard. MX Brown also feels lighter and you move requires less force than when hit, or just surfing around ⅓ to ½ of the keys, the machine has received the order. Brown MX is used extensively in the group needs the quiet keyboard because it's less noise when typing more than the MX Blue.   Illustrated itinerary of each key You can monitor the operational structure of MX Brown switches in the figure below, when a key is pressed about half that triggered the positive feedback and the wire connection, this computer has received an order that the keys were typed .     More specifically, the same track we actually hit the keyboard journey Majestouch 2, just about half the impact of the swing (level 2) is one type is key to type that does not necessarily have to hit all the strength (level 3).   And this is illustrated in more detail Five. Experience   As expected, with the Cherry MX Brown switches equipped with pressing force 45g, Majestouch 2 keyboard keystroke feels smooth, comfortable and very precise, no ghosting. The continuous type text in a long time (3 hours) does not cause hand fatigue when using the membrane keyboard did not need to hit all of the key, because in fact, it is not always a keystroke hand force are the same, so the phenomenon will lose characters if hit too light, this has been overcome with the keyboard Majestouch 2. However, you should equip a piece of inventory to help position the wrist is more comfortable typing.   When gaming, keyboard Majestouch 2 also feels very good game, better keys help feeling movements in Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is correct, response speed is quite good help battles in the game do not lose the beat.   Also thanks to NKRO combo you can press "in panic" in the game Super Street Fighter 4 to play the absolute way, all buttons are fully recognize game, very convincing (as noted above, we need to plug the switch via PS / 2).   Tell us more about the NKRO, the writer has tried to use all 10 fingers, the keyboard are fully identified, readers can immediately follow the illustration below.   The keyboard still get the full 13 keys when pressed at the same time But I also see a much simpler test NKRO, that is holding down the Shift key at the same time two left and right Shift, Cap Lock key again to add, then enter the text includes the phrase "the quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog ​​"on.   And here are the results:   Filco Majestouch 2: THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMP OVER THE LAZY DOG Computer keyboard Macbook Pro 2010: H CK BN FX JMS VH GH Laz DG The Ultimate Keyboard Razer blackwidow: THEQCKBRWFXJVERTHELAZYG   We can see two following cases: laptop keyboard membrane keypad use the classic form, can not fully identify the above, the Razer keyboard blackwidow Ultimate by using the USB port rather than through the PS / 2 should only be dark to 6 keys at the same time, the result is not perfect sentence type. So if you want to take full advantage of the keyboard function NKRO engine, use the PS / 2 connectors. * Results are similar if we import Vietnamese sign.     6.Ket Comment Pros  - Feeling good typing.  - High sensitivity, no need to press all the strength.  - Keycap high quality laser engraving is very sharp and beautiful.  - Cherry MX Brown switches color.  - NKRO get enough of all keys at once. Cons  - Design and packaging is not prominent  - Not suitable for use in dark environments by no LED backlighting  - High prices will be a major barrier to ordinary users.   Indeed, the keyboard is still a product something quite alien to most of our users, but for general computer, the keyboard is still the most important component, so the key will always have a certain market development of their own. Hopefully the Majestouch second review will give readers enough information about the keyboard a good fit for both the second most common is the need for gaming and typing text.   Thank 01.net.vn have product support      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_300216838"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });             Galleria.run ('# galleria_300216838');   Attachments: 1.jpg File size: 229.6 KB Views: 0 17.png File size: 61.5 KB Views: 0 ...


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