Lumia update Tango for 900 AT & T will improve the camera

Lumia update Tango for 900 AT & T will improve the camera
As reported by WPCentral they are testing updates Tango unreleased version for Nokia Lumia 900 AT & T. The update will bring many improvements to the phone, especially the camera. In our tests, this phenomenon has been dramatically reduced noise and light sensitivity in low light conditions have improved. Other factors such as focus, sharpness and color balance has also been improved by the update. Poor camera quality is one of the big minus for Windows Phone lineup of Nokia. Particularly with Nokia Lumia 900 - the handset is the Finnish manufacturer Carl Zeiss lens equipped with high-resolution 8 MP but users are still complaining that the image quality. So very encouraging when Nokia was quick to find the cause and solutions to overcome the disadvantages of Lumia camera 900. On August 9 last, BGR had an interview with CEO array of smart devices from Nokia - Jo Harlow. She said: We think we are making first steps to re-establish Nokia in the U.S. market. We have invested and focus on image quality. PureView is all about quality and zoom capability is not broken images. Our goal is to bring this technology to the Windows Mobile platform. These are things that we are conducting on the market. How to solve problems such as blurred image, lack of light? With PureView, you can capture beautiful images in your life.It is clear that Nokia is very determined to turn disadvantages into advantages present in the future. And to create strength in the Windows Mobile market, Nokia is starting from a very small job. Hopefully we can see the spikes in the image of Nokia technology as Windows Phone 8 with the next generation launch Lumia. By: WMPowerUser


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