Recently Google has always had extremely valuable addition to their ecosystems: from Google Translate to search engines Google Search. Most recently, in an event held in San Fancisco, Sagar Kamdar, director of product management and its global search again said his company is conducting experimental studies to integrate messages from Gmail addresses of customers in their search results.   According to Kamdar, Gmail is a product formed during the natural development of the Google ecosystem. Today the amount of data on the Google mail account was larger and its web information collected. Currently, to search in Gmail, users need to access their mailbox and typing keywords into the text box, only the results obtained in the body of the email that they sent or received before. With new features on Google Search, the search results on personal email will be displayed in the right column next to the traditional information on the web. Thus users can easily review information about the contacts in your phonebook.   If you have a Gmail account and want to experience the features of Google is testing, please click here to register and wait for activation. Note that this new feature support for, and not applicable to Test post from the verge also said this new function will only work on Chrome and Firefox, Safari user customers may have to switch to another browser to try Google before finishing their products.   It is known that addition of the Google phase will also include features to support information about search flights for customers to move frequently.     Source: Ubergizmo, The verge


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