NASA demonstration prototype amphibious vehicles Lander Morpheus

NASA demonstration prototype amphibious vehicles Lander Morpheus
After landing "divine" of the ship to Mars, the NASA Curiosity has also recently performed a number of technologies that we can hope will appear in the space exploration mission in the future. This continues to be an amphibious vehicle called Morpheus Lander. Morpheus (named after the god of dreams in Greek mythology) is designed as a prototype amphibious vehicles. As a result, engineers can use to integrate new technologies with potential spacecraft can land at any destination in the solar system. Lander was tested repeatedly during last year at Stennis Space Center and Johnson. And last August 3, Morpheus is the first to take off with the support of the crane at Kennedy Space Center. (See video below) The new technology was performed in the experiment consists of a hazard identification system and an advanced propulsion system with methane. Particularly the use of methane fuel has received much attention because it shows a variety of features, roadmap for Vietnamese help expand space. Not only cheaper and safer operation, methane can be stored for a longer time in space than other types of fuel used in conventional missiles. In addition, methane can potentially be created from tape found on the Moon or Mars. In addition, there is an other alternative energy sources closer by NASA experts predict that each year, the international space station ISS production and release of methane amounts sufficient to fill the fuel tank of Morpheus. Propulsion system uses liquid oxygen at the same time - a substance that can be created from the dust on the moon. Navigation system and built-in navigation of aircraft Morpheus allows fully automatic or interactive digital with limited ability to control the missile. In addition, facilities can evade detection and hazards such as meteorites by Autonomous Landing System Sensor & Hazard Avoidance System (ALHAT). The development team spent two months to build a hazardous area with fake rocks and craters at the end of the runway center Kenndy landing spacecraft in preparation for the test system. Morpheus is one of 20 projects under the program of space exploration systems of NASA's advanced. The program aims to develop new systems for space missions with the participation of people in the future.   By: Gizmag Attachments: morpheuslander-2 (500x334). jpg File size: 122 KB Views: 0 ...


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