Expert Witness: 75% of respondents associated with Apple iPad design...

Expert Witness: 75% of respondents associated with Apple iPad design...
An expert witness has been invited Apple to court yesterday to present survey results regarding the association between the iPhone and iPad design and brand Apple's consumer. Hal Poret, a researcher working in ORC Internetional, give the court the results of research he conducted on the individual devices. Hal uses 2 iPad 2 images were taken straight face and shooting prone, with the main screen is dimmed. He used two tablets other than iPad, also blurs the main screen, to control for the study group. Then proceed Hal asked respondents to look at two pictures and that they associate with these images to any company. 57.3% of respondents associated with the first picture (taken straight) to Apple, while the plate is tilted to capture 75.2% of respondents relate to Apple. Minus the number of respondents selected products in the control group, the end result and 40.3% respectively 64.4%. A similar survey was carried out with the iPhone 3G. Hal prepare 2 images, iPhone with a bezel around the screen edges and a bezel ring plate has no other - the two are blurring home screen. BlackBerry Storm and Sanyo Zio be used as a control device. In this study, 69% of respondents associated with the first picture (with round bezel) with Apple, and 61% for the 2nd. The result after subtracting the control group, respectively 64.3% and 57.3%. Hal's research aims to quantify the user perception. "You can understand it like this: users know about the style of the iPhone, because they just look at the product may know there has to be the iPhone or not." This point is important in general Apple argues, that the appearance and design of the iPhone and iPad dominate "market awareness" of customers, and this value being the product of attenuation Samsung makes . However, in the debate, Samsung lawyer Bill Price has pointed out that Hal's research shows that customers are not confused between Apple and Samsung products. Besides, in the second picture taken leaning iPad - get the result image associated with the highest home key has not been blurred, while the image is blurred, the result is lower. Then, Bill continued to argue with Hal about the reliability of the study, commented that the presentation of his data does not focus properly on the user groups, it also does not comply with the due process time. Bill proposed changes in methods and data analysis to troubleshoot first, and then relate the percentage will decrease a lot. Hal called the conclusions of the Bill is indiscriminate and voluntarism even say to the lawyer, "I see that you are confused and confusing you." "Well," Bill replied. "But let me finish my question, and then we can go drinking together and he told me I was confused how light". Source: The verge


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