Visiting Mars and learn more about Curiosity on mobile phones

Visiting Mars and learn more about Curiosity on mobile phones
If you are using Windows Phone and want to learn more about Mars, a NASA application called Be A Martian will help you. With this software, you can see many pictures of Mars taken from satellites, probes and some video talking about the surface structure of the planet. In Be A Martian NASA has pretty much very good clip of the assembly process and landing of Curiosity Mars probes that NASA has successfully launched in the last few days. Also, you can also interact to learn about the different components of the Red Planet. Be A Martian NASA provided free of charge and you can download it from the Marketplace. In case you use the IOS, you can try out software Mars Globe to explore the planet. NASA also has an application for Android and IOS to convey the latest information about their tasks, which you can find information Curiosity. Although there are not many clips and photos simulation Be A Martian NASA Mars Globe and NASA App but also useful in expanding our knowledge.   $ ("# Galleria_1890279207"). Galleria ({ width: 640, height: 420, imageCrop: false, thumbCrop: false, clicknext: true, maxScaleRatio: 1, showInfo: true, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });   Source: Windows Phone Marketplace ...


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