[Yanko Design] BlackBerry Wind - concept phone running Windows Mobile BB

[Yanko Design] BlackBerry Wind - concept phone running Windows Mobile BB
As a result, despite many difficulties, but RIM still managed to try to refuse the proposed use of the Microsoft Windows Phone platform. However, this does not prevent Yanko Design's creative concept with WP running style BlackBerry, BlackBerry Wind typical concept below. BlackBerry Wind - a name meaning a "wind of change" (Wind of change) and also refers to the Windows operating system. The design of the BlackBerry Wind describes an elegant and sober features of the phone line for business. Is based on industrial design (Industrial Design) capital of the BlackBerry, but the first two chamfered corners instead of rounded back of your computer and includes a polycarbonate stripes BlackBerry engraved with words to create focal points. The front touch-screen machines are thin and prominent edges of the screen in 2 of 2 pentagons are more symmetrical, corresponding to the BlackBerry logo and buttons Windows strawberry beam. On the right side, the machine does not have two buttons to increase or decrease the volume, but instead is a multi-dimensional wheel with custom features such as screen brightness adjustment, image zoom, ... According to the simulation configuration, BlackBerry Wind will use dual-core processor speed of 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, LCD 4 "(1024 x 600) with glass Gorilla Glass 2 and support the LTE connections. unit is equipped with two cameras with the 8 MP camera and 2 MP camera. Wind still evident BlackBerry is a concept design but this design can really say wonderful harmony between the style of BlackBerry and Windows Phone. In addition, if a device is really, BlackBerry Wind would be a perfect machine to have inherited the security features and exclusive service of the BlackBerry, both possess the power of Microsoft Office. By: WMPowerUser ...


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