Apple and Samsung lawyers met to decide which content will be presented in court

Apple and Samsung lawyers met to decide which content will be presented in court
ArtworkFederal Judge Lucy Koh, has given counsel to order the Samsung and Apple have to meet directly to find out the judge instructed the jury (jury instruction). These directives specify what the two parties are allowed to speak with members of the panel. Because of the complexity of the case, the testimony and evidence given by Samsung and Apple in court almost completely different, thereby making it difficult for the decision of those authorities. Time of the meeting is Sunday, according to California now. Koh require final directives to be completed before 8 am Monday, 13/8, local time. This command is issued after the filing Apple accused Samsung of not cooperating in finding common ground related to the directive. Apple said that although the company was trying to push the trial process but Samsung to stop these efforts, and requested guidance from the court. Several hours later, Samsung denies this and says "it agreed with more than 20 indicators that Apple made, and continues to consider the remaining terms." Korean manufacturer says the agreement with Apple only two directives drafted by his lawyer. Koh said that the court "disappointed" because the actions of both sides, therefore a new meeting as mentioned. According to Patent FOSS, this is a failure occur, especially on Sunday. Koh may want to place the court in accordance with the new plan should be summoned the representatives of Apple and Samsung on a holiday. In addition, Koh also need to have enough time to think and decide on the general directives of both parties. According to CNET, Apple and Samsung have been quarreling about whether the jury should hear the comments of Steve Jobs on Android or not. However, the judge ultimately decided not Koh. Apple has also asked the court to cover the Samsung logo appears on the imaging device in the court room to remove the opinion of the panel members that "the devices of Samsung and the company itself," the court bias. According to CNET, FOSS Patent


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