[Video] SG narrative tour-PT-DL, height: Gia Pass climbing North

[Video] SG narrative tour-PT-DL, height: Gia Pass climbing North
His first tour by motorcycle so far pretty excited. This trip is not really hang out that is to check the car as it made its eating. Both delegation of nearly 20 people, went on a ten EN150-A, 1 the CBR150, 1 and 2, the RR150 Exciter 2012. Especially between the more a more CBR150 enter the union by a medical class ... seniors took plea. To a large delegation to participate Near noon, Phan Thiet Depart from Sai Gon bridge, then "crawl" from using 2, 3 to come out of the cramped city full of smoke and dust. In Group I run a fairly bears the Exciter in 2012, I Full-Face helmet, her hair was silver stream, Alpinestars armor right quality and speed ... could not say always. Generally several times to "small stack" to run the back pretty hard. Due before the union was aware of these principles should be signaled to trip each other completely unharmed, and no little trouble with his handsome yellow   I run what I am Exciter 2012 Distance traveled just over 200km east but by groups, waiting to stop shooting each other + to nearly 8 pm, new people to Phan Thiet. So just keep eating and going to the beach cafe not be.   7 am the next day, people continue to depart the bus to Da Lat. The route was chosen because it is QL28 Gia Pass North, where people are in the very eager to pass. Gia Pass north is a winding track dangerous road passes longer than 10 km, which is very suitable for those who love crab bo (as himself).   Gia Pass Road north very rugged rugged    2 days good weather, sunny, cool, no rain, very convenient for climbing the pass. Although normal EN150 his car quite heavy (130 kg + 14 kg body gasoline + 60 kg person) but when I held the door very quietly, there are sections of folding and that their car is to close down the but when the road may need to back up very fast car. Like most S-shaped bends, bends just hold off this car to be built immediately pressed down to board the next car in reverse, this population Leaders also called "flip roll." Gia Pass north side of a cliff, one side of the area, there are no barriers paragraph, plus the chilly air as high as for any car jockey to run both.   Attach the camera to film the journey for its HD blood There are large crabs, all of that does not go, just thighs gripped the tank while the car is pressed down and hug for all the way, this time to see the importance of calm. There are corners, its cornering speeds slightly larger, resulting in nearly crashed into the cliffs. Or turning the corner too big board and also makes the car very easy to fall into the abyss. North view from beautiful Gia Pass, looking to the side of the mountain you will see the same message the same message to dozens of different cloud fly over crowded. Said; I'll hug his time has dared to look for long, only road that runs all worried look, first bit is no loss on the network to do review   And this is what I have just finished climbing the pass Gia Pass in the North have all sorts of corners to hold crab, from hug sleeve crab, crab-shaped O-shape to the crab U. Each crab must require the driver to the station and the accordingly. Therefore, I understand the car is running is an essential requirement. Eventually everyone climbed Gia Pass north of success and safety, there are those who carry the "bear" hug back, but as the movie, I see that runs behind the cold life back. Up to the top of the pass, then people stop off + take photo. Then continue to run until the city of Da Lat flowers.   Way in the clouds and fog Go to Da Lat people continue to walk under the car in Golden Valley, early morning departure the next day, then run straight to SG. Special trip to a more senior class I carrying a girl on a CBR150 I see no less cool and I run the other Exciter. Do the criteria of the whole convoy driving safety is key, so anyone running happily, on the SG is around 5pm. End of trip 3 days 2 nights wind and sunny adventure.   The purpose of this trip was to cater to review details about the upcoming Suzuki EN150-A. Invite you to tune and see you in a little more interesting tour        Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_588607971"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });             Galleria.run ('# galleria_588607971');   Attachments: sg-pt-dl (3). jpg File size: 241.9 KB Views: 0 ...


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