Oracle hired as consultants Mueller, Google does not pay anyone to influence the evidence

Oracle hired as consultants Mueller, Google does not pay anyone to influence the evidence
Last week, when the trial between Oracle and Google near the end, the court required both parties suddenly reveal who got the money to influence the evidence of the case. Last Friday was the deadline for the two companies made it. Oracle has filed said that his relationship with the blogger Florian Mueller, Patent FOSS pen to page, had been revealed before. Company only hold this position as "a paid consultant." Oracle said Mueller was hired not to talk about the case. It has mentioned that Mueller had criticized Oracle in the past and he began writing about the battle between Oracle with Google before it hired him.   However, there are doubts that Mueller had taken time out to write where a great deal about these two companies, while still pursuing litigation on technology around the world as well as working as a consultant for Microsoft. Oracle Profile contains many doubts about the position of Google. The firm said that Google tried to "maintain a network of influential people directly and indirectly to help promote the intellectual property of". IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Java developer accused CEO Ed Black (from Computer Associates and media industry) and author Jonathan Band (series of book Interfaces on Trial 2.0) has accepted money from Google, although Google does not mention the two men in his documentary.   On the Google, the company told the the verge "no one in our company to pay for journalists, bloggers or other characters to write about the case," while speaking to the court of common carriers more generally. Google stated in their records that the company never paid directly for anyone to write articles, but the company has relationships with a large number of universities, political organizations, trade associations Commerce. Government agencies may have requirements bloggers and journalists voiced their "defense" of a certain number of ways for Google.   Search company says that there is an automated advertising program was conducted at the time of litigation, but "very unusual and difficult, almost impossible" to identify all those that have paid written about the case. Google believes that your case will satisfy the court, but its still "ask for more guidance" to know whether this is the type of relationship that the judge Alsup mentioned or not.   Unknown effects of these records with stronger case to what extent because both are moving to the appeal court. However, according to Judge Alsup, he needed to clarify things in case to trial again. Mueller himself has revealed his relationship with Oracle and Microsoft in the past, but he never mentioned this voluntary financial relationship with his two rivals of Google.   According to the verge, AllThingsD ...


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