Twitter put limits on the number of users to third-party software

Twitter put limits on the number of users to third-party software
Twitter has just published details of the function application programming interface (API) version 1.1, which refers to the company will limit the number of users on Twitter software developed by third parties (for example applications such as Tweetbot or Twitterific). Any client application that has access to the timeline page, the account configuration, User Streams (a feature that helps deliver content to a specific account) or make use of the API endpoint must be permitted by the Twitter if they will have logged more than 100,000 people. For existing software has more than 100,000 user accounts, Twitter will not close that conduct applicable limit on the number of users. Specifically, a Twitter application developed by a third party can only accept double the number of accounts that it is app. Was calculated from the highest level of account number to log, the programmer can only maintain and upgrade your app to serve the existing account rather than a new account can be added on Twitter without permission.   With the imposition of limits as above, gender programmers start questioning whether there should invest effort and money to develop any application or not to Twitter Twitter manually make their software. If you love Twitter the third-party software, please take advantage of sign up and enjoy them whenever you are still opportunities.   According to Twitter Photo: PlasticAndPlush ...


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