Installing Windows on Apple computers

Installing Windows on Apple computers
The problem is many of those concerns are exploring new and used Apple computer is probably how to run exe file on OS X? In other words, is how to run Windows, says the problem does not go away like breathing. Human Mac OS 10.8 the Mountain Lion has formally I must do all of this for you - the user can choose how to reference and use consistent with herself.   First - How many ways to run exe file on OS X?   There are many ways to run exe on OS X, as there are ways to install Windows on Apple computers. As you can see above there are 3 main ways to do this and each way has a few different choices. Depending on the needs of yourself that you choose for themselves the appropriate method, if desired, can also be used all. These independent solution so if set off, then there is no collision and still be used, only the machine is heavy only. So which one to use? Pick yourself a method and tracking information about it below, so that would be easy for you. 1 - Windows Environment: VM: Windows complete with all its features. Windows runs on OS X as a software, data exchange between them easily by clicking and dragging on the Windows desktop frame. Bootcamp: full Windows, complete with independent running OS X. Installing Windows via BootCamp, you use it exactly the same as on PC, not anything else. Emulator software: Actually this solution does not create a Windows environment in OS X so it does not have criteria for comparison. 2 - Hardware Requirements: VM: It takes a strong hardware. It is best to RAM from 4GB upwards. The virtual machine is stored in a file, depending on where you use the large file size small. But it is also the smallest on the 10GB, so your hard drive space also need that much capacity. Bootcamp: For a Windows PC running as independent so the solution is often not interested in hardware. Configure how well run, as long as you divide it a separate hard drive partition. Software emulators: No high hardware requirements. 3 - Strength: VM: Windows on the virtual machine did not take advantage of powerful hardware that you share it, it uses much more. Suitable to run the software simple. With the somewhat difficult game, the running game is slightly heavier than the game it will be difficult Bootcamp: take advantage of all hardware. It as well as Windows on the pc so it can often play a game, as many heavy tasks. Emulator software: this is the solution to balance VMs and Bootcamp. But it is not limited to any software running well on this medium. Inside Windows Portable software concepts, usually the Portable software will run well on this medium. 4 - How to install: VM: like installing software. Fully automated, self-installed windows drive. Bootcamp: installation takes time. To need to drive for Windows Explain their software: install such software installed. However manipulate multiple, complex for beginners 5 - Strengths: VM: Windows - OS X running in parallel, switching between two environments takes only 1s Bootcamp: Make the most of machine configuration Emulator software: no need to install windows, windows software running on OS X as regular software. 6 - Weakness: VM: The power of Windows is not high, perform basic tasks, not gaming Bootcamp: switching between Windows and OS X takes time and must restart Emulator software: Windows does not software can also set this way. Hopefully here you can have your first choice in accordance with the method itself needs to install Windows on Apple computers. It is best to choose one and only way to be considered are presented below to avoid train enter the code. ...


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